As October is approaching fast, so is one of the best public holidays in China. I really like this holiday, as compared with the Chinese New Year weeklong holiday, during this one the weather is still warm enough to travel around the country – especially on motorbike. Autumn is generally viewed as the best season in the North of China. The strong winds blow away our polluted air (sometimes for days on end!) and the more comfortable, warm weather is a welcome relief compared to the stifling, humid heat of summer.

China’s National Day is celebrated on the 1st of October, which is followed by a weeklong holiday. This year, Buck and I are planning our longest motorbike trip in China so far – Beijing to Shanghai, 1200 km one way. I’ll be following up on that adventure after the holidays, but in the meantime it’s made me think back to my last October road trip, which was largely responsible for my subsequent love for exploring China by motorbike.