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  • Slower going on the back roads, but also much prettier.
  • The back roads around LinYi are gorgeous! Instagram!
  • Stopping for lunch at a dusty roadside “restaurant”, on offer: steamed buns, some veggies and frozen meat from questionable origins – I think we’ll go veggie. Nice people though!
  • Made it to the seaside town of LianYunGang, looking for dinner on the restaurant strip.
  • Walking down the strip and being hailed from both sides is fun for a while… it always baffles me how people can think we managed to get this far without speaking or understanding a lick of chinese.
  • There’s only so many “hullo! lookie lookie” you can take in one day. I’ve now reached my quota.
  • No such thing as a menu here, everything is in large fridges, freezers and tanks, and you’re supposed to point at things you think you would like to eat and also tell them how to make it.
  • Yum, yum, dry hot-pot for dinner – one of the only restaurants that had a menu, which made it a no-brainer and clear winner for us!