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Continuing the account of our Golden Week road trip from Beijing to Shanghai – day 3 got us off to a bumpin’ start and soon we were entering the Yangze delta, heading for the small harbour town of JingJiang.

  • Good morning! Some soulful music to help soak up the atmosphere in LianYunGang and start our day with. (Check out the video below.)
  • Weddings, weddings everywhere! We’ve had at least six wedding convoys pass us in the last two hours – all black and red shiny cars and red and pink ribbons and flowers – no expenses spared. Golden Week is a popular time for weddings, as all the family can gather together in their home town to attend.
  • Just saw a really extravagant wedding convoy turn off the main road and into a garbage lined dirt road alley way, very odd scene.
  • Please don’t let off fire crackers right on the side of the road, I know it’s a tradition and all, but every time you do I almost fall off the bike.
  • Entering Yangze delta country, very nice, lots of water and bridges and lush green crops.
  • Did we take a wrong turn again? Nope, just a very empty new road alongside a fish farm.
  • Seems to me most of these concrete housing blocks surrounding fields of various crops are left unoccupied after completion… is this a sign of governmental overdevelopment? I thinks so. “Must. Meet. Quotas.”
  • Lunch and bike maintenance in another dusty town. Had some good noodle soup and some very well researched milk tea.
  • The mechanic that tightened the chain for the bike was very nice and didn’t charge us for his time.
  • Entering JingJiang now, right on the Yangze. This place is quite small and it’s clear everything is simply here because of it’s harbour and proximity to Shanghai.
  • Stopping at the first hotel we see by town’s major intersection. Oh look, there’s another wedding going on here!
  • I have to say, these hotel rooms on the whole aren’t bad. In general we try to stick to a budget of around 180 – 250 RMB per night, and once you get out of the major cities you get a decent amount for your money. If you don’t inspect the underside of the toilet seat too closely the rooms generally speaking are quite clean and come with tv and other basic facilities.
  • It’s been a long day and Buck isn’t feeling so well. Noodle soup, Chinese tv and bed for both of us.