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Account of my final day on the road from Beijing to Shanghai. In these last few posts I’ve summarized my main observations and occurrence of the day in bullet point form, an idea I shamelessly copied from a friend and fellow blogger Dan Zinn (who, by the way, happens to have just finished an amazing round trip of the US on his Harley Sportster!) So without further ado, after a very standard Chinese breakfast at our hotel in the harbour town of JingJiang, it was time to push on for our last day of riding:

  • Yes! Gonna take the ferry across the Yangtze and our last 200km. Woohoo!
  • So apparently the port at JingJiang is still building ships. Impressive, huge, ships.
  • The first boat that arrived wouldn’t take any on-foot or bike passengers, so we’ll have to wait for the next one. No one seems that surprised, I guess this is normal.
  • After much scuffling and with each man, woman and child for themselves we finally made it onto the ferry for the river crossing. Another first in China!
  • Ah, KFC. That great cornerstone of civilization that marks your proximity to any city that knows its worth; we salute you, Colonel Sanders. (Don’t judge us for having lunch there.)
  • Haha, REALLY cute baby staring at me from the table next to us, probably wondering why I look so funny.
  • Nice wide roads with greenery on either side, now if only we could have less intersections and lights, please.
  • Ok, Shanghai taxi drivers are crazy! Stop swerving into our lane, crazies!!
  • “So, I don’t think we were supposed to take that exit off the highway after all, sorry, my bad.”
  • Yep, we’re definitely lost somewhere in the maze that is Shanghai’s Spaghetti Junction… so close and yet so far.
  • 40 minutes later, still lost. 😦
  • Ok, finally made it out (tempers barely in tact) and almost unexpectedly arrive at our destination; Shimao Hubin in Pudong, where my dad and little bro Tristan live.
  • Cup of coffee and a walk with the dog before it’s time to go out to dinner.
  • My dad’s friend is hosting and he said the first time he met me I was about 6 and too busy to say hello as I was hitting my little brother… sounds about right.
  • Nice evening stroll through Shanghai – I love that it’s so much warmer here right now compared to Beijing.
  • I also love that Chinese people actually use the public spaces that are provided, especially in the early hours and at night. Here people stroll along sidwalks, take pictures with their family and friends and set up impromptu dance sessions. The same space in the UK would be filled with skulking 14 year old emos, drinking White Lightning and smoking fags. (Or maybe not, I actually don’t know what kids get up to these days… maybe I’ll ask Tristan.)